4Suites FAQ

4Suites FAQ

Technical questions
I'm not able to get into the app; it keeps crashing, gives errors or isn't working properly. How do I fix this?

Don’t forget to update the app. Always get the latest version via the iOS or Android App Store. Most of these problems will occur when you have an old version of the app. Updating the app will most likely solve these problems. Still not working properly? Mail us at support@4suiteshq.com. Don’t forget to mention your smart phone and firmware version.

I lost my password/the app is pointing out that I filled in the wrong credentials. What do I do?

At the bottom of the login screen there is a button called ‘forgot password’. You can ask for a new password. Follow the link to reset your password. If this doesn’t fix the issue, please contact the manager of your location. The manager can give you a new password or, if needed, a new account.

I have no access, but I should have access. What do I do?

The administrator of your location can grant access. If your access option is not showing, please contact the administrator. The reception might also be the one to grant access, depending on the location.

I have a technical question that can't be solved by the administrator. How do I contact 4Suites.

4Suites Support is reachable via support@4suiteshq.com . We will reply as fast as possible.

Other questions
Is 4Suites safe enough?

4Suites is a very safe system which uses an ultra modern and multi-layered security system and privacy protection that is similar to internet banking.

The multi-layered security is made out of SSL encrypted communication via PKI (first-layer), fully encrypted communication through VPN-tunnelling (second-layer) and a custom authentication algorythm with ‘Trusted Server Group’ protection policy (third-layer).

All data will be securily safed according to the European Protection Act (94/46/EG). Our systems will be tested continuously by certified companies.

I have some good ideas about new functionalities. I think that the app can be made more user friendly. Where can I leave my feedback?

We are continuously looking for ways to improve and upgrade our products and services. This means that there will be updates regularly and we try to improve the user friendliness every time. We will also add new functionalities, depending on demands. Feedback is always welcome! Send your feedback at all times to support@4suiteshq.com. Thanks!

Does 4Suites make sectors like hospitality impersonal?

No! 4Suites can be used for a lot of purposes, depending on the location. The goal of 4Suites is to make life easier for the guests and providers. The location can use 4Suites at their own wishes, so the personal factor doesn’t have to disappear. On the contrary: there is usually more time left to spend on personal service while using 4Suites than before using 4Suites.